MV World Odyssey: Ship Tour

As every SASer knows, the world may be our classroom, but the ship is our home. Here is a quick tour of the floating campus.


The Kaisersaal (Union)
The Kaisersaal (Union): A room that fits the entire SAS Fall ’15 community.
Used mostly for talent shows, pre-port logistics, the beloved coffee house performances, Odyssey Hours…
Fun fact: There are a total of 5 pianos on the MV World Odyssey
I spent my semester in Business and Global Issues class daydreaming and watching the waves through these very window panes
The Salon Lili Marleen aka Club Lili aka where everyone hangs out until 3 a.m. Where my Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Strategy courses were held.
The pool bar is where pub nights are held. Here is a photo of the fort Moon, Sophie, and I made on the night of the Alumni Ball.







Massive murales and statues everywhere. Accompanied by garbage bins, of course – for rough sea days!


Major key to success: Return your passport to Reception on time to avoid dock time. I learned the hard way.


Deck 9: Because there’s nothing quite like watching dolphins swim by while you eat your lunch.
Got a birthday coming up? The Four Seasons restaurant provides an upscale dining experience!
Deck 6: Berlin Restaurant – Usually where I met interport speakers and attended work/club meetings. Also where I ate breakfast with Moon every day at 8 a.m.
Deck 9: Lido Restaurant
The Writing Centre: Where I met with shipboard faculty and staff. Photos of dead Germans on the wall – typical World Odyssey decor.


Deck 9: The Lido Terrace. One of many makeshift classrooms.
A room any aesthetic blogger would pine over.
Deck 8: The dimly lit Kino Cinema. This is where my International Marketing class was held right after lunch. Needless to say, I ended up napping in majority of the lectures!

Fitness & Recreation

Need a study break? Go for a dip in the ship pool!
Ping pong tournaments can get a bit intense on the World Odyssey
Sunrise yoga with a view of the ocean (just pray that the ship doesn’t rock while you’re holding a more challenging pose)!
A giant chess board, so you can train your muscles and your mind at the same time!
The gym – complete with ellipticals, treadmills, mats, weights, you name it. 


Reinvigorate with a deep, healthy sweat in the ship sauna!
… Or maybe you would prefer a spa treatment. #NailsDone #HairDone #ErrthangDid
The SAS school store: For retail therapy, SAS gear, and everything you forgot to pack
Soak up the sun on Deck 9! And Deck 8. And Deck 7. And Deck 6.

There’s nothing quite like the MV World Odyssey. It’s opulent. It’s grand.

It’s home.



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