My Indian Fairytale

My experience here in India has been far from perfect.

In between homesickness and spending days locked in my room, bedridden from a little too much shady street food, there were countless times during my stay that I desperately wanted to hop on a plane headed home.

My Fairytulle Skirt by Dixika Vanvari Lulu Meets World Travel Beauty Fashion Blog by Lumen Beltran

But something about the vibe here in Bombay (and more generally, India) kept reeling me back in. Every day is a new day, loaded with both pleasant and unpleasant surprises. It really does keep you on your toes! Much to my parents’ dismay, I extended my stay here from 3 months, to 6 months, to a total of 9 months.

Can they blame me? I’ve built the perfect life here in India. I landed my dream job that keeps me looking forward to Monday mornings. I live in a cozy apartment in a city that doesn’t stop for anyone. I’ve made life-long connections with people who support me unconditionally. My numerous side hustles keep my schedule filled and my disposable income flowing. I’m constantly wowed by the sights and scents of my weekend getaways around the country. It seems I’m ticking off items in my bucket list on a weekly basis. I’m healthy. Happy. Fulfilled.

I wrote my own fairytale. 

My Fairytulle Skirt by Dixika Vanvari Lulu Meets World Travel Beauty Fashion Blog by Lumen Beltran

Every time I think about leaving my life in India behind, I get choked up a little bit. Now that I’ve gotten a taste of the life I’ve always dreamed of, I’m not sure I’m ready to come home. Do I really want to leave all of this behind?

Hell no.

But as the cliche goes, “Life moves on”. #LuluMeetsIndia is coming to a close and I can only hope my next chapter is even better than the last. (If I peak here, I’m gonna flip!!!)

So, what’s the next step, you ask? 

Well, this commerce degree isn’t going to earn itself! (Hey Mom, if you’re reading this, I’m telling you right now that I plan on doing yet another student exchange within the next year or so. I’m sorry! I love you!) And, I’m stoked to see my squad for the first time in 2017. I’m ready to be reunited with my family. Beyond all of that, I have fresh new projects in the works that I’ll be working on in Calgary. I gotta keep myself busy to avoid the post-travel depression, no? Besides, I think it would be amusing to see how well I reintegrate into real life after my Indian fairytale.

Wish me luck!

My Fairytulle Skirt by Dixika Vanvari Lulu Meets World Travel Beauty Fashion Blog by Lumen Beltran

Hold up, my Indian experience isn’t over yet! I’ve got some exciting trips coming up in my last few weeks in the country, so make sure to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat and join me on my journey x

And if you’re curious to see what’s on my bucket list, here it is!

Love always,

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Skirt from The Fairytulle Shop by Dixika Vanvari @dixikavanvari

Photography by Rushabh Shah @thetiltedlens



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