Semester at Sea Dorm Tour

Ok, you know that incredibly neglected YouTube channel I’ve been talking about?

Well I just uploaded a new video on it! Like I’ve mentioned in the video, I still get asked about Semester at Sea, so I’m going to use the footage that I have to create helpful guides for people who are setting sail as well. Beyond that, I’ll still be uploading tutorials, lookbooks, vlogs, and whatever else I feel like on this channel. Truthfully, I’m having a lot of fun with video as a medium and every day I’m learning a little bit more about producing and editing them. Not to mention, being in front of a camera in motion is a whole new battle for me.

I’ve embedded the video below so you can watch right from the blog 🙂

SAS Dorm Tour!

Should I do a ship tour next? Or a Student Life on Deck type thing? Let me know on Insta, Twitter, or Facebook! xx

PS – If you wanted to know what else I’ve been up to in terms of blog-related news, read my latest update 🙂

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