Holiday Makeup Looks!

candy cane red makeup holiday look beauty blogger


For whatever reason, I wasn’t super into the halloween season this year which is super weird because I usually really love halloween. But I’m making up for it by having a lot more energy for the christmas season!! (I think the starbucks cups may have something to do with that, haha)ย 

Anyways, to kick december off I’m starting with a very basic, easy-to-replicate candy cane eyeliner. Today as I was brainstorming holiday makeup ideas, I realize that I should re-up on materials so I can film awesome tutorials for you guys. Needless to say, my credit card was put to good use haha.ย 

Are there any palettes you absolutely LOVE for creative makeup looks? I need ideas! I’ve been working really hard and I need to blow this money!ย 

candy cane red makeup holiday look beauty blogger
Phone case is “vintage roses” from!ย 

Shop this look!ย 

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candy cane red makeup holiday look beauty blogger



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