Zagreb Zigzags // Worldwide Style File: CROATIA

A nautical fit-and-flare with a colour and pattern combination emulating the Adriatic coast. Paired with a charming wide brim sun hat to accentuate the delicate lace detail. A look created for gallivanting across Croatian pebble beaches.

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Lulu Meets Costa Rica

Our second last port! How?! Time needs to grab the wall and slow down! It’s so hard to believe that my Semester at Sea adventure is coming to an end. I need to make peace with that fact quickly and often. I’ve collided with so many beautiful souls and discovered the Earth and myself in…

Lulu Meets Ile de Goree, Senegal

What’s the biggest culture shock experience you’ve ever had? Other than hanging out with Americans as a Canadian (you’d be surprised at just how different we are!), my biggest culture shock experience this entire voyage would have to be today, in Ile de Goree. Ile de Goree is a historically significant island due to its involvement…