Leiden + Utrecht + Rotterdam Journal

leiden utrecht rotterdam the netherlands lulu meets world travel blog

Hey friends!! So as you may know, I did take a mini reading break vacation to the Netherlands back in February. For the most part, I stayed in Amsterdam, but because the country is relatively small compared to Canada (hahah, duh), I was able to […]

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48 Hours in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Weekend Guide to Chennai Tamil Nadu India Lulu Meets World Travel Blog by Lumen Beltran

If you’ve been to Mumbai, you’ve probably visited a few of the touristic destinations in the south end of the city. One of these hotspots includes the Gateway of India. But have you ever thought about heading down to what’s known as “the Gateway of South India”? If […]

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48 Hours in Kerala

Weekend Guide to Kerala South India Lulu Meets World Travel Blog Lumen Beltran

India as a country is exotic, diverse, and full of surprises. It also happens to be gigantic. Every state you travel to is like its own country. While there are a ton of important sites to see up north (the Taj Mahal, hellooooooo!), quite frankly you’re missing […]

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