“My Husband is on His Way” and Other Lies I’ve Told as a Solo Female Traveler

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I can 100% guarantee that the ladies reading this post have experienced unsolicited physical contact and gazes while out and about at least once in their lives – whether they were in a foreign country or not. And I’m sure we can all agree that the fear […]

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Why You Should Seek an AIESEC Opportunity

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One of my most frequently asked questions from fellow college kids and men boys who are still waiting on a second date, is “What is your biggest pet peeve?” A lot of things irritate me. This embarrassingly long list includes receiving texts from fuccbois (“I’m different“), […]

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Canada D’Eh?

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*All photos by Francis Ymbang Growing up as a visible minority and a first-generation immigrant hasn’t always been easy, at least for me. On one hand, you’re a foreigner in the country you currently reside in. On the other, you’re too “Americanized” for the country […]

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