Semester at Sea Dorm Tour Video

Semester at Sea Dorm Tour

Ok, you know that incredibly neglected YouTube channel I’ve been talking about? Well I just uploaded a new video on it! Like I’ve mentioned in the video, I still get asked about Semester at Sea, so I’m going to use the footage that I have to create helpful guides for people who are setting sail as well. Beyond…

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“My Husband is on His Way” and Other Lies I’ve Told as a Solo Female Traveler

I can 100% guarantee that the ladies reading this post have experienced unsolicited physical contact and gazes while out and about at least once in their lives – whether they were in a foreign country or not. And I’m sure we can all agree that the fear of being kidnapped, raped, beaten, and other frightening, unimaginable experiences…

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The DO’s and DONT’s of Being an Expat!

There are tons of ways you can travel! You can do a student exchange program, volunteer in a developing community, backpack independently, or you can become an expat – just like me. You may be wondering … What is an expat exactly? An expat (short for “expatriate”) is someone who resides in another country outside of their…

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