Elephanta Island Visit + Tips!

How to See Elephanta Island India Lulu Meets World Professional Travel Blogger Lumen Beltran

Greetings from India! While I’m here mainly for work, that doesn’t mean I can’t have my tourist moments once in a while. This past weekend, I rounded up a couple of expat friends to hit Elephanta Island to see the famous Elephanta caves. It’s one […]

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Tips for the Yoga Newbie

Yoga Tips for Beginners Lulu Meets World Travel Blog Mumbai India Lumen Beltran

Namaskar from Mumbai! Having spent almost five months as an expat here, I’ve found that “because India” is a valid reason for everything I do. It’s kinda like the equivalent of saying “Fxck it” before being peer pressured into all sorts of debauchery you later […]

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Your Ultimate Guide to Goa

Ultimate Guide to Goa India Lulu Meets World Travel Beauty Fashion Blogger Lumen Beltran Vagator Beach

 G. O. A. Three little letters. Loads of fun. I’ve spent the past week in Goa – India’s number one beach haven. Since Goa is such a sought-after getaway destination, I figured I would create a guide for those looking to maximize their time in this […]

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