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“Our Guest is Our God”

There’s a saying in India that’s roughly translated to English as, “Our guest is our god”. And boy, do the locals here really live by that phrase! You walk into any Indian household and chai or coffee is basically shoved down your throat. I had brunch with a colleague recently and we discussed our living experience…

The Complete Checklist for Flat Hunting in Mumbai Bombay India Asia Apartment Expat Travel Tips Lulu Meets World Blog by Lumen Beltran

Your Complete Checklist for Flat Hunting in Mumbai!

Living independently is something that’s totally new to me. Up until I moved to India, I’ve always lived at home with my parents who (as I’ve now realized) have been babying me all this time. Adulting makes me ask a lot of questions, such as … Why does everything cost money? And more importantly, What do…

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