VASANTI Skincare Review

Vasanti Cosmetics Lulu Meets World Beauty Blog Skincare Exfoliator Moisturizer Brighten Up Review

Not everyone needs a militant skincare routine. After months of having a 10-step Korean beauty inspired routine, I must say, I am … exhausted. While I will admit that at one point, meticulously following each step of my nighttime ritual was calming – even therapeutic […]

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Ardell Magnetic Lashes Review!

Ardell Magnetic Eyelashes Review Beauty Blog Lulu Meets World

The moment I posted these magnetic lashes on my Insta story I knew they were going to be a hit or miss product. That’s the thing about the magical land that is Sally’s Beauty Supply store. You always find the coolest, most obscure beauty thangz […]

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Spring Beauty Essential: Bright Peach Lip

Ahh, spring. The season of transformations. The temperature rises to bearable degrees, fresh buds bloom, and we coat our lips with bright lip shades, kicking all other colours to the curb. What can I say? It goes so well with our festival flower crowns! My favourite lip shade […]

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