Semester at Sea Dorm Tour Video

Semester at Sea Dorm Tour

Ok, you know that incredibly neglected YouTube channel I’ve been talking about? Well I just uploaded a new video on it! Like I’ve mentioned in the video, I still get asked about Semester at Sea, so I’m going to use the footage that I have to create helpful guides for people who are setting sail as well. Beyond…

Self Care rituals for Students

3 Self Care Strategies for Stressed-Out Students

IT’S MIDTERM SZN!!! And we all know that during this time of year, a drop in self-confidence is sure to accompany the drop in temperatures. Although your worth is not measured by your GPA, we have to admit, it’s still plays an important role in any young academic’s life. And for those of us who…

Budget Friendly Travel Tips for University College Students Lulu Meets World by Lumen Beltran Professional Travel Blogger

Budget-Friendly Travel Tips for Broke College Students

FAQ: How can you afford to travel so much? Is the ability to travel a status symbol? To some, hopping on a plane headed to remote corners of the globe only happens in the movies. Globetrotting is often mistaken as a pastime reserved for wealthy businessmen sipping champagne on a first class flight headed to…

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