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3 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog

Blog stuff is hard. I’m pretty inconsistent when it comes to maintaining this space. Life tends to get away from me and there are extended periods of time – weeks, if not months – that I won’t write a post. Sometimes I don’t log into WordPress at all!

But let’s get one thing clear. I still care deeply about this platform.

Why, you ask?

Because it’s mine.

You don’t have to be a digital marketing professional or a communications student to understand how today’s main social media platforms are constantly changing.

Let’s face it. Snapchat’s update sucks – which is why major influencers, like the Queen of Lip Kits, for example, have announced that they no longer use the app. YouTube has made it harder for content creators to make money off of their videos, and is also problematic in its censorship of the LGBTQA+ community. Beyond that, it’s taken way too long for them to address and act upon content creators (ahem ahem, L*gan P*ul) who are outright disrespectful to themselves and people around them. Instagram’s switch from a chronological timeline to an algorithm that dictates which posts you see and don’t see is making it harder to discover and view content that you feel is relevant. And apparently, Facebook is only for those aged over 35.

And alllllll of these platforms have become such sluts for ads.

(Except Twitter. Twitter’s loyal and it’ll always be my go-to for memes, lol.)

I get it. A huge goal of these platforms is to make money. But you can’t make money off an app if its user experience is so awful that people begin calling it quits.

With a blog, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Here are a few of my personal reasons for starting and maintaining a blog!

3 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog

1. You can personalize this space exactly how you want it. Oh, you want to change your theme entirely? Go ahead. You wanna add a few widgets to showcase which social media platforms you’re most active on? Cool, nobody’s stopping you. You wanna add a page dedicated solely to cat videos? Sick. You can do whatever you want.  The type of content you post also helps you build a personal brand. You have so much freedom. You’re basically telling your viewers that out of the 238473892 topics on the Internet you could talk about, you’re zoning in on one or two of them because it’s your thing.

2. You don’t ever have to worry about pesky algorithms. We’ve all heard about the damage that social media can inflict on our self esteem and overall mental health. When you’re an artist – like a photographer or makeup artist, for example – social media can be even more frustrating to deal with because you’re battling with algorithms. Reaching the right people who will appreciate your work is harder than ever. They say organic reach is dead, and unfortunately not everyone has the ca$h flow to pay for a larger slice of the eyeball economy.

When you have a blog though, you’re the only creator in this space. It’s your own corner of the Internet where you can take centre stage. No matter how much all other social media platforms change, you will always have full control over your digital real estate.

3. You learn so much about digital marketing you otherwise wouldn’t have learned if you didn’t have a blog. Before I started Lulu Meets World, the only coding I knew was tweaking my HTML themes on Tumblr. Since then, though, I’ve learned about SEO, inbound marketing, website design, and more! Not only is that kinda stuff super interesting (ok I’m a little biased – I’m a marketing student, after all), your skills are also transferrable. You’d be surprised at how many kids in this day and age don’t know how to set up a simple website or online portfolio.

*Tip: Make sure to get the Yoast SEO widget for WordPress if you’re starting a blog! It’ll help boost your discoverability in search engines.

Having said alllll of that, I still want you to hit me up on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook once in a while. I also started a YouTube channel, too, since I want to focus more on video content that I think you’ll enjoy. You should subscribe if you don’t mind seeing me in action from time to time. 🙂

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Also, I get a ton of questions about how to even get started on a website, how I edit my photos and videos, and other geeky tech stuff. If you want me to create guides or instructional videos on any specific topics, let me know! It’ll also help me come up with new ideas for content, too. I scratch your back, you scratch mine, amirite?

Bye for now ~

Love always,

Lulu Meets World Signature Professional Travel Beauty Fashion Blogger

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