Lumen Beltran Miss Asia Calgary 2019 Beauty Pageant
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3 Ways to Get Pageant Ready feat. Distilled Beauty Bar + Social House

The beauty industry is not just skin-deep, contrary to popular belief. In the midst of all the glitz and glamour, you’ll find that it can also be deeply empowering. While there are various events that celebrate both the beauty and brains of women around the world, today I wanted to talk about a highly-anticipated event that I am participating in, namely the Miss Asia Calgary 2019 beauty pageant.

It’s about time that the world recognizes how multi-faceted women really are. We’re no longer defined by just one role nowadays. We are ambitious, career-focused women involved in a number of social spheres within society, including business, politics, the arts, athletics, non-profits, and many, many more. We’re also mothers, sisters, daughters, and wives – balancing all aspects of our lives while still looking fabulous. I’m elated to be part of an event that truly celebrates that!

But this balancing act requires a ton of energy and time to help you look (and feel!) your absolute best. Read on to see how I get pageant ready!

Distilled Beauty Bar and Social House

1. But first, coffee

I’m gonna be honest, if you had asked me only a few months ago if I ever expected to be involved in something like this, I would’ve laughed at the thought of it! Even though I had been involved in other glamorous events in the past (ie. Fashion Weeks and designer collection launches), I’ve never dreamed of being a pageant delegate or taking centre stage.

More importantly, I never realized how exhausting it can be.

Lumen Beltran Miss Asia Calgary 2019 Beauty Pageant
My Distilled top picks: Iced Americanos and chai lattes. Peep the metal straw 😉

The fix?


Is anyone surprised that my caffeine-loving self would include this?

Distilled Beauty Bar and Social House is my favourite place in the city to get a cold brew. The best part? They offer metal straws that are not only environmentally friendly, but keep your pearly whites shiny and bright for the stage!

Lumen Beltran Miss Asia Calgary 2019 Beauty Pageant

2. Get a fresh mani-pedi

Getting up on stage in front of 500+ people is hard enough. But when you’re expected to speak, model, dance, perform your talent in under 5 minutes, and answer intellectually challenging questions on the fly, you’re going to need some media training and coaching. (Oh, and did I mention all of this is done in high heels?)

With so many things to keep in mind, the last thing you want to be worried about are the appearance of your hands and feet. When you’re a beauty queen, you have to remember that you’re constantly being interviewed by media outlets and getting your photo taken. Getting a fresh coat of colour can do wonders for your confidence and I can guarantee that this confidence translates on camera!

Lumen Beltran Miss Asia Calgary 2019 Beauty Pageant

Make sure to check out Distilled Beauty Bar‘s vegan options, too!

3. Soften your skin

Being a beauty queen doesn’t mean you need to have a certain body type. You can be beautiful in any shape or size! But one thing that all beauty queens have in common is soft, hydrated skin – and not just on their faces.

Taking care of your skin’s health is a requirement for us Miss Asia Calgary delegates, no matter where we are. While Distilled Beauty Bar is a great place to unwind, it’s nice to know that I can still bring the spa experience home with me for convenience.

Lumen Beltran Miss Asia Calgary 2019 Beauty Pageant
Did you know? Distilled also carries their own body butter, body shimmer, glow product, and scrub for you to take home.

Have you tried Distilled’s body products? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Thank you!

It’s incredibly thrilling to have local entrepreneurs and role models believe in my ability to be a voice for my community in Calgary. Distilled Beauty Bar and Social House’s sponsorship means the world to me. Make sure to check them out in Marda Loop!

If you’re interested in following my Miss Asia Calgary journey, make sure to follow me on Instagram and YouTube. I’ll be posting photos from our shoots and vlogs throughout my journey.

Till next time!

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Distilled Beauty Bar & Social House is an official sponsor of Lumen Beltran for Miss Asia Calgary 2019.

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Lumen Beltran Miss Asia Calgary 2019 Beauty Pageant
P.S. – Pageant rehearsal got you wound up?
Sit back and relax with a glass of wine from Distilled! 😉

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