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4 Fresh-Faced Cures for Jetlag!

Being gorgeous on-the-go isn’t easy.

Your skin takes a hit every time you sacrifice a few hours of zZz’s to zip through airport security at 3 AM. Changing humidity and pollution levels in a new place can cause you to suffer from breakouts, dryness, and redness. Jetlag, also known as desynchronosis, is the reason you feel fatigued when zooming across time zones. It’s the culprit for dark eye bags I wouldn’t exactly call designer label.

Luckily, you can combat tired, sallow skin and boost your confidence by using my four fresh-faced cures for jetlag below!

1. Water, water, water!

You’ve heard it all before. Drink water before, during, and after your flight to rejuvenate your skin. When you’ve landed at your destination, set up a daily routine for water to help your body adjust to the new time zone. I drink 1 litre every morning, and then carry a 1 litre water bottle with me and take little sips throughout the day. This way, I make sure I’m getting my full 2 litres. This is a good habit to maintain whether you’re travelling or not!

You can also switch it up! The beauty experts over at Travel + Leisure also have a great article on five drinks that will cure any case of jet lag!

2. Swap your cosmetic products!

Wearing foundation (and lipstick, for that matter) at 30,000 feet will dehydrate your face! Opt for a light coverage tinted moisturizer, BB cream, or CC cream, paired with lip balm for a flight-friendly skin revitalizer.

(I swear by Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream and your good old Blistex lipbalm!)

3. Take supplements!

I take a number of different supplements daily whether I’m traveling or not, including plant based omega-3 (for heart health and dryness), biotin (to maintain my hair, skin, and nails), B12 (because I’m vegetarian), and Vitamin C (because they’re delicious). If you’re new to taking supplements, I recommend starting with omega-3 and biotin daily at least 2 weeks before you fly out to guard your skin with essential fatty acids.

4. Use sheet masks! 

Not only are they a ton of fun to wear and peel off, they also provide vitamins, amino acids, and minerals your skin will love. Only leave them on for 20 minutes max, because when the serum has been absorbed into the skin, the sheet itself will suck the moisture right back – an effect that’s obviously counterintuitive to achieving that beautiful, fresh-faced, “I-just-landed” look you want!

For tired dark circles, I use IntensivEye Cucumber Under-Eye Pads! They’re suitable for all skin types and they’re anti-aging, too!

What are your best tips for dealing with jetlag? Leave them in the comments below!

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