Lumen Beltran Calgary social media influencer

Meet Lulu

Lumen (Lulu) Beltran is a marketing professional delivering for luxury lifestyle, travel, fashion, and beauty brands in the digital space. She holds a BComm in Marketing from the University of Calgary and is on her way to completing a Certificate in Integrated Digital Media and Graphic Design.

In recent years, Lulu has worked as a makeup artist, graphic designer and digital content creator. Her educational background, work experience, and involvement in charity organizations highlight her affinity for branding strategy, visual communication, and creative direction.

When Lulu is not working, she can be found making YouTube videos, competing in beauty pageants, or pursuing her never-ending bucket list. Oh, and writing about her latest adventures, of course!

To view Lulu’s professional makeup artistry work, please view her portfolio.



It all started with a part-time job selling shoes during my high school years ...

When I was hired as a sales associate at Aldo Shoes, my 15-almost-16-year-old self was ecstatic! I had a really cool boss, I got to talk about fashion and personal style all day, and I got a sweet discount on the latest footwear styles and accessories (a major key to success when the 5 minute walk from Calculus to Biology at school was - in my mind - a runway). I never would've thought I would go on my first big girl trip to the Caribbean!

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No, my family is not loaded. No, I don't have a sugar daddy who flies me out to Dubai.

I simply make traveling a priority in my life.

And that means sacrificing small luxuries to save up for a memorable adventure. For example, I stopped picking up a daily chai latte at Starbucks because 1. I can make better masala chai at home, and 2. It adds up! I realized that the $25 I was spending on morning coffee per week could be used towards my next flight to another country. As a makeup artist and fashion enthusiast, it was - and still is - difficult for me to change my spending habits when every glossy and blogger screams YOU NEED TO BUY THIS. But I've decided to be smarter with the money I earn. Now, I invest in more versatile clothing and high quality cosmetic products that give me the most bang for my buck, instead of settling for fast fashion pieces that are doomed to be soooo last season within a few weeks.

After all, it's far more important to collect moments, not things.

Oh, and? I work my ass off. Juggling multiple jobs as a full-time university student is far from easy, but I have a bucket list to complete and an entire world to see!

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To be 100% honest with you?

My iPhone usually does the job. I used to take all of my travel pictures on an iPhone 6 with a cracked screen.

Now, I'm no photographer but if there's one question I know that irritates the fxck outta them, it's that question. At the end of the day, it really isn't about the equipment you're using, but about training the eye to capture the beauty around you. Besides, I really can't be bothered with lugging a huge DSLR around when I'm going on an adventure!

I try to keep it simple.

Face wash, glycolic acid toner, retinol in squalane at night. Face wash, glycolic acid toner, sunscreen during the day! I love The Ordinary products since they're cheap and do the job (hashtag not sponsored)

Adding more steps into my skincare routine confuses my pores so even if I have a new skincare product to review I swap it out for something else. Hope that helps!