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Ardell Magnetic Lashes Review!

The moment I posted these magnetic lashes on my Insta story I knew they were going to be a hit or miss product. That’s the thing about the magical land that is Sally’s Beauty Supply store. You always find the coolest, most obscure beauty thangz that you’re either gonna love or hate, but you never know until you try (& ultimately, buy, lol rip my wallet)! Anyway I know y’all are excited for this review since I received a ton of requests for it so here it is! Without further ado …

Ardell Magnetic Eyelashes Review Beauty Blog Lulu Meets World

My Ardell Magnetic Eyelashes Review!

I think it’s most helpful to begin reviews with a general overview of the experience. In short, these lashes weren’t my favourite. I spent $18 CAD on them at Sally’s and I don’t think they’re worth it. I tend to throw my regular strip lashes away since the thought of having to clean the goop off of them at the end of a night out just isn’t worth my time. But while these magnetic lashes don’t require any of that, just getting them to stay on for the entire night is a mission and a half. Ardell offers tons of other traditional lash styles that I prefer to their magnetic ones!

Ardell Magnetic Eyelashes Review Beauty Blog Lulu Meets World

So, how do they actually work?

Basically, each eye gets a set of lashes that consists of an upper portion, and a lower portion. You’re supposed to set the upper portion on your natural lashes first. Then, follow up with the lower portion so that they click together to make a nice little eyelash sandwich. I’m not sure if you’re supposed to apply mascara to your natural lashes before you put them on, but I did anyways. I figured the magnets would hold up better if my natural lashes were thicker. Once I had the lashes on though, I realized you don’t even have to apply mascara at all. The style I have were quite dramatic, so the mascara on my natural lashes didn’t make a difference. I skipped out on coating the magnetic lashes themselves with goop since they provided enough length, volume, and definition.

Ardell Magnetic Eyelashes Review Beauty Blog Lulu Meets World

But the entire process is easier said than done! Overall, my experience with these eyelashes can summarized in two (2) phases:

1. The I-Think-I’m-Going-Blind phase.  

If you’re not a patient person (me lol), you’re gonna have a tough time with these. My biggest struggle was that I didn’t trim the lashes to fit my eye, so when they finally came together, the outer and inner corners of the lashes didn’t sit on my natural lash line. The little magnets clicked together in the appropriate spots, but my natural lash line was only captured in the middle portion of the band. It’s totally my fault, though. The lady at Sally’s said I could trim them, but I was just too lazy to actually do it.

I spent so 👏🏽 much 👏🏽 time 👏🏽 trying to get my lashes to stick together that my contacts dried out. I ended up having to take a break cos I thought I was gonna go blind (hence the title of this phase, haha).

Related image

2. The Iron-Man-But-Not-As-Cool phase. 

Alright, so eventually I finally squished these bad boys together. How, you ask? I don’t know. It was a fluke. But what I do know is that once they were on, these magnetic lashes got me feelin’ like Iron Man. They feel so high tech compared to traditional strip lashes. I felt invincible. Y’all were in 2018 while I was in 3024. God knew that if he gave me these lashes naturally, I would be too powerful.

All jokes aside, I loved with the way they looked in the beginning. But they didn’t feel comfortable after wearing them for an entire day. They began sliding down along my natural lashes and overall felt super heavy. On the plus side, you can cry in them – I watched Greys Anatomy last night just to be sure.

If you’re interested in giving them a try for yourself, you can shop the exact product I’m using above ^ by tapping on the photos! I’m using the Double Wispies style on the right. Just because they didn’t work out for me, doesn’t me you won’t love them!

Extra Tips

  • Tweezers are your best friend! Lining up the magnets requires precision and a steady hand, otherwise you’re subject to unnecessary frustration.
  • Opt for a natural style for everyday wear. I would definitely wear my Double Wispies for a photoshoot or a night out, but they add too much drama to my eyes for me to wear them during the day.
  • Feel free to trim them! Don’t be an idiot like I was and not trim them. It’ll save you from the same headache I experienced 😫

Let me know whether you wanna read about jade rollers or NYX Duo Chromatic lipglosses next!

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