• Lumen Beltran Miss Asia Calgary 2019 Beauty Pageant
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    3 Ways to Get Pageant Ready feat. Distilled Beauty Bar + Social House

    The beauty industry is not just skin-deep, contrary to popular belief. In the midst of all the glitz and glamour, you’ll find that it can also be deeply empowering. While there are various events that celebrate both the beauty and brains of women around the world, today I wanted to talk about a highly-anticipated event that I am participating in, namely the Miss Asia Calgary 2019 beauty pageant. It’s about time that the world recognizes how multi-faceted women really are. We’re no longer defined by just one role nowadays. We are ambitious, career-focused women involved in a number of social spheres within society, including business, politics, the arts, athletics, non-profits,…

  • Lulu's Girl Gang Lulu Meets World Travel Beauty Fashion Blog
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    The Girl Gang, #AskLulu, and Team Building

    Hey folks! A quick little update on some changes and new projects I’m working on regarding Lulu Meets World. I have some exciting stuff that’s coming up (mostly video content) but I’ve also been working on little things here and there on the low. 1. Lulu’s Girl Gang! If you know, you know. But if you don’t know … Basically, the Girl Gang is just a safe space for my ladies to seek inspiration, find support, and potentially meet with one another to pursue their creative endeavours. It’s a closed group because I want to make sure that members of the community as people who are empathetic and kind, even…

  • State of Mind Outfit of the Day Lulu Meets World Style Blogger Esker Foundation Calgary
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    State of Mind: Impromptu Shoot at the Esker Foundation

    I know I say this time and time again, but I really do under-appreciate Calgary’s arts and culture scene. Insta has been blowing up with photos of Kapwani Kiwanga’s “A wall is just a wall (& nothing more at all)” exhibit, so naturally my girl Renee and I had to check it out & had an impromptu photoshoot. While my outfit is admittedly not my greatest styling endeavour, I think our incredibly Baker-Miller pink and fluorescent blue backdrop makes up for it tenfold. In fact, the exhibit explores disciplinary architecture by isolating structural traits and the psychological effects of different environments (think prisons, mental health facilities, and hospitals). The two-toned…

  • Holi Festival Tips Travel Fashion Beauty Blogger Lulu Meets World by Lumen Beltran Mumbai India Asia
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    Get Holi-Ready in 5 Simple Steps!

    Happy Holi! For those who don’t know about this Hindu spring festival, Holi – also known as “festival of colours” – signifies the victory of good over evil, and is also a festival for forgiveness and new beginnings. It’s a national holiday celebrated with family and friends by throwing colours at one another. So basically, it’s a huge water fight. Except it’s way more fun because there are all sorts of different colours! But be warned, not all of the colours being used are safe! Many people use washable, organic colouring derived from natural sources, but chances are, you will be splashed with chemicals that could be harmful! Here are…