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    Leiden + Utrecht + Rotterdam Journal

    Hey friends!! So as you may know, I did take a mini reading break vacation to the Netherlands back in February. For the most part, I stayed in Amsterdam, but because the country is relatively small compared to Canada (hahah, duh), I was able to see surrounding cities as well, including Leiden, Utrecht, and Rotterdam. I can’t give you guys a complete travel guide for each city since I wasn’t in each location long enough, so I decided to write a journal about what I did and things I saw that might help! If you’re more interested in reading about Amsterdam, you should probably read this blog post instead: All the…

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    3 Ways to Overcome Post-Travel Depression

    No matter the size of your following, I think every blogger can relate when I say that there’s this pressure to maintain your “image” as a subject matter expert. Some of you may know that I’ve been struggling with post-travel depression since returning from India. I’m not the only one going through a tough time, and I want to help others get through it, too. But it’s difficult to offer online support when I myself don’t have a solution. The cold hard truth is that I don’t know everything there is to know about travel or makeup or fashion or whatever I write about. I never will. In fact, the…

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    48 Hours in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

    If you’ve been to Mumbai, you’ve probably visited a few of the touristic destinations in the south end of the city. One of these hotspots includes the Gateway of India. But have you ever thought about heading down to what’s known as “the Gateway of South India”? If you are, lucky you because you’re getting a 48-Hour Guide to Chennai, Tamil Nadu! Here’s a list of places to see, things to do, and some general tips for your visit! (Aside: I lived in Mumbai for 9 months and I didn’t even think to create a destination guide on it. Why am I like this. But I might also break it up in terms…

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    Your Complete Checklist for Flat Hunting in Mumbai!

    Living independently is something that’s totally new to me. Up until I moved to India, I’ve always lived at home with my parents who (as I’ve now realized) have been babying me all this time. Adulting makes me ask a lot of questions, such as … Why does everything cost money? And more importantly, What do I need to know before renting a flat in Mumbai? When it comes to apartment hunting, you should and will be asking a ton of questions about your potential home. Don’t be shy about asking a never-ending list of questions! In fact, it would be best if you kept a written document when you visit any flat. Here’s…

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    Your Ultimate Guide to Goa

     G. O. A. Three little letters. Loads of fun. I’ve spent the past week in Goa – India’s number one beach haven. Since Goa is such a sought-after getaway destination, I figured I would create a guide for those looking to maximize their time in this beautiful Indian state stretching along the Arabian Sea. ○○○ Places to Stay For the luxury traveler … J. W. Marriott Where else? Relax in the spa treatment room, dine in the Waterfront terrace bar, or watch the sunset in the infinity pool. Whatever you decide to do at the J. W. Marriott, it’s guaranteed to be accompanied by traditional Goan hospitality. For the budget traveler ……