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    “Our Guest is Our God”

    There’s a saying in India that’s roughly translated to English as, “Our guest is our god”. And boy, do the locals here really live by that phrase! You walk into any Indian household and chai or coffee is basically shoved down your throat. I had brunch with a colleague recently and we discussed our living experience in Mumbai. Yeah, we get ripped off occasionally. Paying 5 times the regular rate for household commodities is no fun. But we’re living a damn good life here overall. A regular, middle-class guy from a developed nation like Canada is treated like a king in this country. We’re brought to the forefront of long queues.…

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    Fake Accents + Sea Link OOTD

    Arguably one of the best things about living in Mumbai as a Canadian expat is the fact that English is an official language here. Formal documents and most other print need not be decoded and is grammatically correct. But for the most part, everyday conversation is carried out in Hindi. That includes sending out WhatsApp messages, face-to-face dialogue, and local television programming. Why the fake accent?  One thing I’ve observed is that sometimes Indians will put on a fake British or American accent when speaking to me. Why? Do they do it in an effort to impress me? Or do they do it to make me feel more welcome? Maybe…

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    Work-Life Balance?

    I love my job. I really do. I began my position as MissMalini’s social media manager last week and I’m already so deeply engulfed in my work. There’s no such thing as a training period. You’re thrown in the water and you either sink or you swim. Sometimes – if you’re talented or lucky enough – you fly! Every day is a new day. Some days we’re in the office. Others, we’re on the field shooting for brands. And on Fridays, we’re at Facebook headquarters brainstorming ways to improve our presence on various platforms. (*Karen from Mean Girls voice* On Wednesdays, we wear pink!) You’ve gotta be connected to the online…

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    Authenticity in the Digital Age

    What does it mean to be authentic?  In the Golden Age of influencer marketing, does the word “authentic” really mean anything to us millennials anymore? Aren’t we all curating our social media content just to be featured on larger community accounts to receive validation from strangers on the internet? These so-called virtual communities? (Hello, #socality?) Aren’t we all just doing the most to make our lives seem more glamorous than they really are? To increase our following, clout, influence? For the lucky ones, it even launches bank account digits in an upwards trajectory faster than you can say “IG model selling Fit Tea”! It’s hard not to be sucked into this rabbit hole…

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    Why I Prefer Long-Term Travel

    It’s been 172 days since I’ve seen my mom, had a cup of Tim Hortons, or eaten a home cooked Filipino meal. Having said that, I may or may not be dead on the inside. However, I really can’t blame anyone but myself since I’m making the conscious decision to further extend my stay in the Bay. (Can you blame me? I guess I have a natural gift for finessing these internships!) My AIESEC experience here in India is the longest trip I’ve ever taken. I’ve realized that I prefer long-term travel over a weekend getaway or those 48-hour trips flight attendants are oh-so-lucky to embark on. (Read: Why You Should Seek an AIESEC Opportunity) Long…

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    Genuine Support + Introducing #MondayMusings

    Lately, I’ve been thinking about how much I’ve learned about blogging and social media engagement over the past few months. I’ve learned about analytics. Hashtags. All the nitty-gritty details that every wannabe blogger should know about. But more than anything else, I’ve learned what it truly means to have genuine support from friends who believe in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself. the more seriously i take this whole blogging thing the more fulfilling my experience in mumbai becomes 🤔 — lulu (◕‿◕) (@LUMENBELTRAN) April 8, 2017 Working in the fashion world is anything but dull. Meeting style influencers and attending fashion weeks has been a dream come true.…