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    OOTD: Spring Style Essentials

    Ok ok ok, I know I don’t do outfit posts often and that’s only because 1. I’m a slut for makeup, first and foremost, and 2. It’s really hard to look cute in negative 20 degree weather. (When I grow up, I wanna be a snowbird haha) Winter in Calgary is basically having a cute outfit on and then ruining it with a parka. Come to think of it, the last outfit post I made was All-White Lookbook :/ Yikes! But now that spring has officially sprung, I can (finally) share my spring style essentials with you! It also means that I have to shave my legs now, sigh. My Spring Style…

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    An All-White Affair

    I haven’t always been a fan of monochromatic outfits. Or white ones, for that matter. But the more I add to my increasingly hectic schedule, the more I begin to appreciate the simplicity a single tone ensemble provides. Besides, wearing all black errthanggg is easy when you’re a makeup artist. In fact, it’s a requirement for most gigs. However, all white outfits are completely alien to me. Pause. That’s an understatement. All white outfits are frightening. Not only are you more conscious of everything you’re doing for the sake of cleanliness, they also have a tendency to look unflattering since it’s not exactly the most slimming shade. And when it’s that time…