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The Girl Gang, #AskLulu, and Team Building

Hey folks! A quick little update on some changes and new projects I’m working on regarding Lulu Meets World. I have some exciting stuff that’s coming up (mostly video content) but I’ve also been working on little things here and there on the low.

1. Lulu’s Girl Gang!

If you know, you know.

But if you don’t know …

Basically, the Girl Gang is just a safe space for my ladies to seek inspiration, find support, and potentially meet with one another to pursue their creative endeavours. It’s a closed group because I want to make sure that members of the community as people who are empathetic and kind, even when they don’t necessarily agree with another person’s opinion. Sometimes we talk about the frivolous things in life, like makeup and fashion. And others, we have discussions around controversial topics. If you’d like to join, just comment your Facebook link below and I’ll send you an invite!

For a self-proclaimed social media enthusiast, I’m really not as active on Facebook as I should be. I haven’t been since our parents started thinking it was cool (and consequently, we didn’t). If it wasn’t so useful, I would’ve deactivated my profile long ago. But being a part of the Girl Gang makes me look forward to logging back on to Facebook. I know that I’m not just scrolling through fake news and clickbait articles. I’m logging on to engage in meaningful discussion with my gal pals!

2. #AskLulu in E-mail Newsletters 

Similar to my Facebook situation, I had no idea why I even had an email newsletter. Other than exclusive content, I feel like I needed to make that channel more conversational. I didn’t want to be like every other email newsletter we all get in our inboxes, telling us about the latest sales and articles.

That’s why I’ve started the #AskLulu program!

All you have to do is get in touch with me any way you can, whether it be through email, social media, or on the blog. Ask me anything and I’ll feature your question on my next email with a social media shout-out to you! Just make sure you include my @ handle and the hashtag #AskLulu.

Not subscribed yet? You’re missing out.

3. The Lulu Meets World community is growing! 

I am so happy to announce that I’m adding two new contributors to my team. I’m setting up a Team page so you can get to know them a little better. Stay tuned!

If you’re a writer, photographer, or videographer and you’re interested in joining our team, just drop me an email at and let me know why you’re awesome at what you do!

In addition to the team, I’ve also revived by Blog Directory. I’m making more of an effort to connect with other bloggers, simply because I know very few right here in Calgary. I definitely took my network in Mumbai for granted. I was surrounded by so many creative people! Especially bloggers like myself. But in Calgary, I don’t really have the same type of network. It’s extremely hard to stay motivated when nobody gets you, you know? It makes it super hard for me to continue putting out content. But I can’t limit my own potential, especially when the digital world knows no boundaries.

Are you a blogger?

Remember you can always hmu on Insta, Twitter and YouTube, too!

Love always,

Lulu Meets World Signature Professional Travel Beauty Fashion Blogger

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