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Confession: I Think Marriage is UNDERrated!

It’s shaadi (wedding) season in India! Amidst the frivolous events showcasing saris and lehengas, lively dance performances, and tear-jerking vows of “forever”, I’ve been thinking about romantic relationships a lot lately.

The truth is,

I think marriage is underrated


I know what you’re thinking.

Such a statement coming from the same girl who made “catch flights, not feelings” a daily mantra?!

Yeah, you heard me. In the age of hookup culture, this twenty-something millennial believes that the age-old institution of marriage is underrated, despite the increasingly popular view among our generation that it would be better to do away with the concept of marriage altogether. Let me explain.

Believe me, I understand that many couples – especially in the past – only stayed married because it was a requirement. Because divorce was frowned upon, even when one partner was being abused in the home. Because in some cultures, many couples have accepted the idea that even though they aren’t in love, they are supposed to remain married to one another. Because it was no longer about taking care of each other, it was about taking care of an entire family.

But in modern times, we’re given more freedom when it comes to romantic relationships. Some of us don’t want one of those big fat American Gypsy weddings you see on TLC. In fact, in countries like China, marriage rates are plummeting because women are choosing autonomy over finding a husband. That’s why I think the concept of marriage is so much more significant in the world we live in today.

People don’t see marriage as a social requirement anymore. It’s a choice. 

Consider the chances of meeting someone who just gets you. I don’t know about you, but for me, a cute, ambitious, educated boy with decent communication skills and impeccable taste in music is a true rarity. (Tip: Boys who fail to meet your criteria will say you’re being too picky. Men who meet your standards aren’t complaining!) Now consider actually meeting your dream man AND having him commit to you, his dream girl. Whoa. What a concept.

For me, marriage is about actively choosing to love your partner, day in and day out, through the good and bad times. I think there are very few things in this world that are more beautiful than that, especially when people nowadays will only stick around for the ups, and never the downs!

Thanks for reading my thoughts! I can’t wait to tell you more about my weekend trip to New Delhi!

Love always,

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