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Current Beauty Obsession: Duo Chromatic Everything

Can I just say how relieved I am that we’ve ditched the all matte errthanggg trend? My lips and skin were in need of some serious hydration after that whole “long-lasting” (dry af) phase. Those were dark times. We don’t talk about that era anymore.

What we can talk about though, is how obsessed I am with duo chromatic makeup! If you haven’t gotten the hint already, I’m a HUGE fan of NYX Cosmetics. I could go on and on about why, but a long list of reasons can be summed up in one sentence: Their innovative products perform without breaking the bank.

Why I Love Duo Chromatic Makeup

I will admit that I layered on the highlighter specifically for the low light conditions at the Esker Foundation exhibit. What can I say? Kapwani Kiwanga’s work was poppin’, and my makeup had to be at that same level. The moment I stepped out in natural sunlight though, I looked like a space alien who didn’t tap off the excess powder off her highlighter brush. Having said that, I love the duo chromatic / metallic makeup trend in general right now because you can pull off wearable glam looks during the day or night. I find that if you let the chromatic effect become the main attraction on your face, the trend can be comfortable to rock for even our au naturale babes.

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State of Mind Makeup of the Day Lulu Meets World Duo Chromatic Highlighter Beauty Blogger Esker Foundation Calgary

If you’re looking for the exact products I’m using in this shoot, you can shop below! I’m wearing the “Twilight Tint” Duo Chromatic Highlighter and the “Crushing It” Duo Chromatic Lipgloss in the above photo x

Below is an incredibly helpful visual guide from Lost in Chic on where to put your highlighter! Not that you need it – if you’re reading my blog you’re probably more well versed in makeup than I am haha 🙂

Related image

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Photos by Renee Wells @casketkicker

State of Mind Makeup of the Day Lulu Meets World Duo Chromatic Highlighter Beauty Blogger Esker Foundation Calgary

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