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Why I Prefer Long-Term Travel

It’s been 172 days since I’ve seen my mom, had a cup of Tim Hortons, or eaten a home cooked Filipino meal. Having said that, I may or may not be dead on the inside. However, I really can’t blame anyone but myself since I’m making the conscious decision to further extend my stay in the Bay. (Can you blame me? I guess I have a natural gift for finessing these internships!) My AIESEC experience here in India is the longest trip I’ve ever taken. I’ve realized that I prefer long-term travel over a weekend getaway or those 48-hour trips flight attendants are oh-so-lucky to embark on.

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Long term travel is a little less like Instagram and a little more like real life.

Not every day – or week, for that matter – is going to be an Insta-worthy highlight. When it comes to long-term travel, there are mundane moments just as there are exciting ones. You may even become desensitized to the once-new elements of your surroundings. (ie. I never thought I would get over the cows on the street. But now, it’s as normal to me as seeing cars on the road!)

Sometimes, you even – wait for it – repeat outfits! The horror!

Long-term travel gives you an abundance of TIME! Travelling for extended periods means you don’t feel any unnecessary pressure (aka FOMO) to hit up all the tourist spots in the city at one go. You allow yourself to open up to people because there’s time for you to make friends out of strangers. You can make meaningful relationships with locals. You’re able to grab a beer after hump day office hours with your expat homies. Ironic, isn’t it? We live in an era with all sorts of gadgets that exist to save us time, yet we never have enough of it! But when you’re exploring for months on end, you don’t need to worry about running out of such a precious resource.

Well, I guess that’s not completely true. Some weekends are a blur since you’re trying to squeeze a nap in between sightseeing and forgetting which club you left your wallet in. And others, you’ve got back-to-back dates with Netflix. Followed by multiple nap sessions, of course.

What’s the longest you’ve ever travelled anywhere? Where did you go? Let me know on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, or comment below!

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