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An All-White Affair

I haven’t always been a fan of monochromatic outfits. Or white ones, for that matter.

But the more I add to my increasingly hectic schedule, the more I begin to appreciate the simplicity a single tone ensemble provides. Besides, wearing all black errthanggg is easy when you’re a makeup artist. In fact, it’s a requirement for most gigs. However, all white outfits are completely alien to me.

Pause. That’s an understatement. All white outfits are frightening. Not only are you more conscious of everything you’re doing for the sake of cleanliness, they also have a tendency to look unflattering since it’s not exactly the most slimming shade. And when it’s that time of the month, wearing white bottoms is a recipe for disaster.

All All-White Affair: A Monochromatic Lookbook

I always talk about getting out of your comfort zone when it comes to traveling, but sometimes I forget that you can do so when it comes to expressing yourself through clothing, as well. When photographer Appurv Shukla (@wanderlancer) first approached me for a photoshoot, I honestly didn’t expect to be styled for an all-white lookbook. But my experience here in India has always been about pushing the envelope and becoming more comfortable with my natural self. (Can you believe I’ve gone 8 months without styling my hair?!) The conditions will never be perfect, but we make do with what we have available to us. It also helped that we had a celebrity stylist, Vijita Surana @vijitasurana26, with us on deck, of course.

I hope you enjoy this lookbook! Let me know if you like it and I’ll definitely schedule similar shoots in the future. 🙂

Look #1: Floral Motifs

I am obsessed with repeating motifs on outfits! In fact, I’m probably guilty for doing the whole “matchy-matchy” thing more times than I can count. The floral applique on both the sweater and the full skirt pops on an all-white (aka otherwise boring) ensemble.

Style tip: Don’t limit yourself to how your clothes should be (or shouldn’t be) worn! Vijita had me wear the skirt backwards so that the cherry blossoms were shown in the back instead of the front. So chic!

Shop this look below:

Look #2: Sky High Combat Boots 

Lulu Meets World All-White Lookbook Mumbai Bombay India Asia

Lulu Meets World All-White Lookbook Mumbai Bombay India Asia

Apparently looking like a weather-confused heaux is still somewhat socially acceptable, haha. These knee-high combat boots seriously elevate a plain outfit to new heights!

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Look #3: Ocean Breeze

Lulu Meets World All-White Lookbook Mumbai Bombay India Asia

My favourite outfit in the lookbook and by far the most fun to shoot! Shooting any looks that involve a cold-shoulder and large, billowy sleeves is guaranteed to to be a damn good time – especially when you’re by the ocean. Paired with distressed skinnies, a flowy top takes center stage without the wearer becoming swallowed whole by the outfit.

Shop this look below:

This lookbook was shot in my favourite spot in Bombay: the Bandra-Worli Sea Link. I’ve also had a similar shoot in the same location. Here’s the link if you’re interested in seeing that one, too: Fake Accents + Sea Link OOTD!

For behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot, make sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat 🙂

Love always,

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Photography by Appurv Shukla @wanderlancer

Styling by Vijita Surana @vijitasurana26

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