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NeoStrata Skincare Reviews!

Happy Holidays, babes!

So as some of you may know, I was struggling to get my skin under control while I was living in India. Now that I’m back in Canada (no, I have not acclimated to the cold weather conditions just yet thanks for asking lol), I’ve started seeing a visible difference in the reduction of my acne. Yay!

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The next step is to start tackling dark spots left behind by my sebaceous horror story. I had a terrible habit of picking my spots (along with not drinking water + sleeping with makeup on, smh) and now I have acne scars. Everywhere. It’s nothing a few dots of concealer won’t cover but it still takes a huge hit on my self-esteem whenever I take a micellar water-soaked cotton pad to my face.

I figured I’d share some NeoStrata products I’ve been using to get my clear, even skin back! Have a quick skim through each product and let me know if you end up trying any of them. I’m leaving acne, scars, and my uneven skin tone in 2017. Who’s with me?

NeoStrata Skincare Product Reviews

Okay, so the very first thing you should know about NeoStrata in general is that it’s not a cosmetic brand that’s available everywhere. If you don’t live in Canada, you might have to ask your dermatologist for it specifically. Within Canada though, you can go to a drug store (where there is a pharmacist present) and buy it off the counter. The cosmeticians should be trained on their products, too. I’m not a dermatologist or anything, so if you have questions about whether or not you can use these products during pregnancy or if you have atopic skin, I’m not the person to ask. I’m just documenting my personal experience!

Products for acne … 

Acne Clear Clarifying Gel Cleanser

If you’re in your teens or suffering from adult or hormonal acne, give this cleanser a shot! Whenever you’re shopping for any acne care, make sure you look for salicylic acid in the ingredients list (this one has 2%). You can think of salicylic acid as a plunger for your pores – it’s meant to eliminate excess sebum and other impurities. NeoStrata only has it in one size (200ml) and I’ve been using it for 3 months now. I’m not even halfway through the tube!

Oil Free Mattifying Fluid 

AKA my life saver!!! For those of us with acne-prone skin, a mattifier is a must-have in your beauty kit. I basically just slather this on my T-zone (for the beauty newbies, that means down your nose and across your forehead) and it instantly sucks all the oiliness off my face. I find that whenever I use this fluid before I apply primer + foundation, it makes them last longer.

Products for scarring … 

Skin Resurfacing Duo

If you’re not exfoliating every day, wyd? Personally I think exfoliation is super fun, and I love having microbeads in my daily exfoliators since you can physicall feel it scrubbing away at the superficial layers of your skin. If you suffer from icepick, rolling, or boxcar scars, you might want to get your hands on this treatment. When I realized that NeoStrata microdermabrasion system came in two steps, I had to try it! Basically, you apply the crystals on your face first and do a dry exfoliation, then apply the activator on top. If you have sensitive skin, they do recommend mixing the two together in your palm first before applying the product on your face. (Always read the directions, people!!) Even after the first use, my skin felt softer than ever and I couldn’t stop touching my face.

Products for dark spots … 

SecureWhite Brightening Serum

Before you start judging, I’m not trying to be white. I love my island girl genes. The name of this product is a tad misleading, and I would appreciate a name change too. Anyways, moving on. If you’re not sure what “brightening” the skin means in product marketing, it’s basically saying that the tone of your skin will become more uniform. A more even skin tone makes your skin appear brighter.

Why use a serum? No, it’s not a moisturizer! A serum penetrates the skin deeper than a regular moisturizer and is used to treat skin concerns you may have. There are a lot of types, like anti-aging, hydrating, or brightening, like this one. You still need to use a moisturizer on top! If you’re new to the complicated world of layering skincare, it’s okay. I know it’s overwhelming at first but once you get comfortable with your daily regimen, I promise you it becomes therapeutic and after a long day, you can’t wait to do your nightly routine.

Skin Brightener

If you’re a beauty junkie like me, you’ve probably heard about Vitamin C and its benefits for the skin when applied topically. This skin brightener is 20% Vitamin C and it’s perfect for those of us with normal, combo, or oily skin since it also mattifies the skin, too.

WARNING: Do NOT use this on your eyes!!! Or any skincare product that doesn’t specifically say it’s okay for your eye area, for that matter. I accidentally put a little bit on my right eyelid and it burned a lil 🙁 No redness or rashes or anything like that, it was not comfortable!

Brightening Peel Solution

With all the chemical peel horror stories floating around on the Internet, I can understand why you would be reluctant to try peels. I was hesitant too, but I figured that if it was gentle enough for them to sell over the counter, it can’t be that bad. I found out that this stuff doesn’t need recovery time or anything either. Having said that though, it’s definitely a potent formula and it’s not for daily use. I started using this brightening peel solution once a week in hopes of getting rid of my dark spots (which have been diminishing), and bumped my frequency of use up to two times a week since my skin has adjusted now! They offer an anti-aging and a skin renewal one as well, so you can choose which peel best suits your needs.

All-in-One Night Serum 

To be honest, I’m not sure if this is a product that I’m meant to be using since it’s supposed to target wrinkles (it has retinol in it). I just have a natural affinity for stuff that’s meant to do everything all at once so of course, I had to try it. I’m such a sucker for marketing phrases like “multi-whatever” and – you guessed it – “all-in-one”. Anyway, it turns out that this serum also targets uneven skin tone and dilated pores since it has Vitamin A in it, and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the first 2 weeks I used it. It also doesn’t hurt to get a head start on the anti-aging grind! I know it’s cliche, but prevention really is key.

As with most skincare products, you wanna give these bad boys at least one cellular turnover (roughly 28 days) to work their magic before you formulate any opinions on how well they work. I wish I had before and after photos to show you but I was too self-conscious to take selfies with my acne :/ Regardless, I hope you find this post helpful and don’t forget to hit me up on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to let me know about your experience with NeoStrata!

Love always,

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Products courtesy of NeoStrata.

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