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“Our Guest is Our God”

There’s a saying in India that’s roughly translated to English as, “Our guest is our god”. And boy, do the locals here really live by that phrase! You walk into any Indian household and chai or coffee is basically shoved down your throat.

I had brunch with a colleague recently and we discussed our living experience in Mumbai. Yeah, we get ripped off occasionally. Paying 5 times the regular rate for household commodities is no fun. But we’re living a damn good life here overall. A regular, middle-class guy from a developed nation like Canada is treated like a king in this country. We’re brought to the forefront of long queues. Even with less experience, we’re considered for career advancements and management positions before our local counterparts. Generally, we’re perceived to be smarter and more capable relative to the average Indian. Unless you’re American. (Ha-ha, just kidding. Except not really. You should watch this DailyMail video on what people around the world think of Americans, if you’re up for some brutal honesty. Or this Salon article questioning whether or not American voters are actually just stupid.)

Where is the True Land of Opportunity?

It’s funny how we’ve deemed the West the “Land of Opportunity”. If anything, us Westerners have more opportunities abroad! Because of the way we dress, the way we speak, and our overall mindset, we’re geared for success in a developing nation’s work environment, thanks to our fast-paced lifestyle and our (relatively) Type A personalities. I didn’t even know I was such a Type A until I got to India. I like to think I’m more laid-back. A “chiller”, if you will. But nope. I’m a multi-tasking, fully-booked, let’s-get-shit-done, be-there-in-a-New-York-minute type of gal. And if not for those personal qualities, I would still have an advantage over Indians in many aspects of life (not just career moves) thanks to their “Our Guest is Our God” mindset. Now if only other countries were as warm and welcoming to foreigners as India!

Fun fact: When it comes to job opportunities, India is ranked among the top in the world in Information Technology. So if you’re a college kid looking for international experience in that field, India is the place to be!

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