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3 Ways to Overcome Post-Travel Depression

No matter the size of your following, I think every blogger can relate when I say that there’s this pressure to maintain your “image” as a subject matter expert. Some of you may know that I’ve been struggling with post-travel depression since returning from India. I’m not the only one going through a tough time, and I want to help others get through it, too. But it’s difficult to offer online support when I myself don’t have a solution.

The cold hard truth is that I don’t know everything there is to know about travel or makeup or fashion or whatever I write about. I never will. In fact, the more I learn about the world, the less I know for sure.

Sometimes, I need a little help. I’ve been brainstorming ways on how to create a community using this platform for a while now. The reason I feel so much pressure to maintain this blog is because I know it’s become a useful resource for people. (My SEO ranking is just a bonus, haha!) Receiving emails and comments on how my articles enhance peoples’ travel experiences is the best feeling in the world. But who says it should be limited to only my suggestions?

If you’ve just returned home from a life-changing trip, here are some tactics to readjust to reality, as suggested by my social media fam. Let’s get back on track!


3 Ways to Overcome Post-Travel Depression

1. Reach out & connect

“It’s hard to come back to a “normal” life after such a crazy and great experience. I also used to be part of many student associations but when I came back I did not feel like doing anything anymore. I was just staying at home, not doing much. I ended up making new friends who also did an AIESEC internship since they can also relate to what I’ve been through. Hanging out with people from the Indian Students Association at my school helped too since they can totally relate to how life is in India.”

Dolores Rioux via Facebook

2. Escape into nature

“Take visits out to the mountains! It’s how I cope with being stuck in a funk.”

@heyrokstar via Instagram

3. Distract yourself

“What has worked for me is staying extremely busy. Going to the gym, cracking down on school, writing, and so on. Turn the things you enjoy that you can do here into overdrive. The adjustment still blows, but at least it turns into a positive.”

@riamwalsh via Instagram


India was a blur, a crazy whirlwind of career movies and spiritual growth. Now that I’m experiencing a lull in my life, I can focus on personal projects that I didn’t have time for while I was in Mumbai. Shoutout to Dolores, Lyn, and Liam – the three awesome people above – for the motivation!!

If you have a helpful tip that I should add to this article, let me know!

Sadly, I won’t be traveling as much over the next year since I’m finishing up my degree. But that just means there’s going to be more fashion and beauty related content to come, yay! Here’s my most recent cosmetics collab: #LuluMeetsColorbar

Oh, and make sure to check out my new SHOP page while you’re at it x

Love always,

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