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3 Self Care Strategies for Stressed-Out Students

IT’S MIDTERM SZN!!! And we all know that during this time of year, a drop in self-confidence is sure to accompany the drop in temperatures. Although your worth is not measured by your GPA, we have to admit, it’s still plays an important role in any young academic’s life. And for those of us who have ambitions for grad school and beyond, this pressure to perform can be a source of unwanted stress. But fear not! Today I’m going to share my best self care strategies for the stressed-out students among us. Let’s delay your grey hairs a little longer, shall we? That trend was so 2015.

3 Self Care Strategies to Reduce Stress 

1. Enjoy your skincare rituals

If there’s anything I look forward to after a long day, it’s a glass wine and doing my evening skincare routine. There’s something so therapeutic about layering lotions and creams on top of one another. And for my beauty junkies out there, I shouldn’t have to remind you about the importance of removing your makeup before bed. Your skin really doesn’t need the additional stress. But honestly, I’m guilty of catching a few zZz’s with full glam (plus lashes!), too. When I’m feeling really lazy, I use the Avene 3-1 Makeup Remover, since you don’t have to rinse it. You can simply wipe it off with a cotton pad. Au revoir, makeup, dirt, and pollution! I’ve also just added the Avene Thermal Spring Water spray to my skin care routine. I lightly spray it all over my face before I apply my moisturizers. You can also spray a fine mist all over your face throughout the day to soothe your skin after excruciatingly long hours at the library. It has a great cooling effect so it’s perfect for my globetrotter gals in warmer climates, too.

3 in 1 Makeup Remover Eau Thermale Avene

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When all else fails, you can do a face mask! Even if you don’t have your sh*t together, you can still convince yourself you do, one face mask at a time. 💯

2. Seek anti-stress activities on campus

Going to the University of Calgary has its perks. One of them is the Den, of course (good times). But there are other ways to relieve stress during exam season on campus that don’t involve alcohol. One of my favourites is Car Smash, where students can literally beat up an old car in the field so they can release built-up tension. Another favourite of mine is the puppy rooms, where you can play with puppies during your study breaks. No matter what university you go to, I’m sure you’re able to find anti-stress activities so you don’t become overwhelmed with school work!

3. Clean

Confession: I’m a stress cleaner! When I was living in India, I would get frustrated that the maid would do such a great job of cleaning my apartment. After a long day at the office, all I wanted was to do something that didn’t require too much thinking to take my mind off work. But she always beat me to it. Now that I’m living at home again, I don’t have this problem anymore and I can resume my beloved stress-cleaning rituals. For me, tidying up has a certain appeal because when my physical surroundings are in order, I feel like I have more mental clarity to take care of everything else. (It also doesn’t hurt to procrastinate a little bit longer on studying while also feeling productive!)

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