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    “Our Guest is Our God”

    There’s a saying in India that’s roughly translated to English as, “Our guest is our god”. And boy, do the locals here really live by that phrase! You walk into any Indian household and chai or coffee is basically shoved down your throat. I had brunch with a colleague recently and we discussed our living experience in Mumbai. Yeah, we get ripped off occasionally. Paying 5 times the regular rate for household commodities is no fun. But we’re living a damn good life here overall. A regular, middle-class guy from a developed nation like Canada is treated like a king in this country. We’re brought to the forefront of long queues.…

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    Dharavi Slums Visit

    Working in the world of glitz and glamour is a dream come true. After all, you’re rubbing elbows with the biggest A-list stars! But when you’ve become so deeply engulfed in this world, you can become desensitized to larger world issues, like poverty. India is known as the “King of Contrasts” and for my experience, that couldn’t be any truer. Just last night, I was partying it up at the the JW Marriott in Juhu for the exclusive GQ Best Dressed function. Today, I was brought back down to earth by visiting Mumbai’s Dharavi Slums, known as “The Heart of Mumbai”. We arrived at the slums at around 4 pm,…

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    Why I Prefer Long-Term Travel

    It’s been 172 days since I’ve seen my mom, had a cup of Tim Hortons, or eaten a home cooked Filipino meal. Having said that, I may or may not be dead on the inside. However, I really can’t blame anyone but myself since I’m making the conscious decision to further extend my stay in the Bay. (Can you blame me? I guess I have a natural gift for finessing these internships!) My AIESEC experience here in India is the longest trip I’ve ever taken. I’ve realized that I prefer long-term travel over a weekend getaway or those 48-hour trips flight attendants are oh-so-lucky to embark on. (Read: Why You Should Seek an AIESEC Opportunity) Long…

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    Language Learning Apps I Use Daily!

    The world is globalizing at a crazy pace, and quite frankly, if you only know how to speak one language, you’re at a disadvantage. Besides the practical reasons for learning a language (ie. connecting with locals while travelling is easier and the fact that this skill looks damn nice on your resume) , I think *elementary school teacher voice* learning can be fun! Especially if you know which apps to use to make your life easier. Currently I’m learning how to speak French, Spanish, and Hindi, while maintaining my knowledge in English and Tagalog. Juggling new words in different languages can be quite confusing at times, and it can be hard to…

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    Your Complete Checklist for Flat Hunting in Mumbai!

    Living independently is something that’s totally new to me. Up until I moved to India, I’ve always lived at home with my parents who (as I’ve now realized) have been babying me all this time. Adulting makes me ask a lot of questions, such as … Why does everything cost money? And more importantly, What do I need to know before renting a flat in Mumbai? When it comes to apartment hunting, you should and will be asking a ton of questions about your potential home. Don’t be shy about asking a never-ending list of questions! In fact, it would be best if you kept a written document when you visit any flat. Here’s…