The Actor’s Mindset: 7 Keys to a Successful Acting Career

Dealing with rejection as an actor can be tough. Here’s the mindset you need to WIN!

One of the lovely aspects of being on lockdown right now is having more time to attend various webinars put on by acting schools around the world. (Did I mention that majority of them are FREE?!)

If you’re the type of person who likes to fill up their schedule to the brim, then you’ve probably attended a ton of workshops during quarantine. What you’ll find is that if you dig deep enough, you can have a one to two to attend every single day! Couple that with your Zoom acting classes and I’d say you’re doing extremely well for yourself and staying sufficiently creative right now.

Here’s the thing: After you’ve attended a bunch of workshops with various guest speakers, you’ll find that there seems to be similarities between people who are making a killing in the industry, and the ones who seem to be beaten down by it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just starting out myself and I’m sure I’ll feel discouraged as well. Everyone goes through that, whether or not they’ve chosen a career in the performing arts or not. But with acting, it’s different because you could have had the BEST audition for a role, but if you’re not right for the part, there’s nothing you can do about it. You can be too tall, too short, or you can look like the director’s ex-wife.

I know, right? Depressing. But here are some things to remember as you go about your career as a storytelling professional:

  1. Do your absolute best! During auditions, during callbacks, during training, and on set. That way, you never leave a room and dwell on how things could’ve gone differently, because there’s nothing else you could have done. Just show up and show them what you can do!
  2. A successful career is made up of the 3 A’s: Ability (aka talent), administration (aka agents, managers), and attitude (aka positivity, professionalism).
  3. Keep volunteering, joining groups, networking, and being an active part of the community. Who you know is just as important as what you know. And remember that there’s a future to everything you’re doing, even if you’re not being paid for it right now.
  4. The industry is even smaller than you think. Be an awesome person to work with from Day 1. Don’t engage in gossip or negativity. It might cost you a job, or worse, your career!
  5. If you encounter a problem, always offer a solution.
  6. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Directors and producers want to work with peers. Equals. Not mentees. Protect your character and your performance.
  7. Comparing yourself to others’ career trajectories will only leave you unhappy. Focus on your own improvement. Take a social media break if you have to.
  8. Last but not least, BE AUTHENTIC. Being yourself will take you so much further in your career than trying to fit into a mold.

That’s all I’ve got for today! Let me know if you guys have heard of any other advice that changed your mindset or the way you look at acting as a profession. Till next time!

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