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Top 3 Travel Tech Essentials for the Minimalist Traveler

Hey globetrotter gang!

I think by now you’ve all figured out how often I tend to underpack. The less stuff you have, the easier it is to move around. Don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of problems you run into when you overpack, too. But when you don’t pack enough, you have to go out of your way to find items that are basic necessities when you could be using that time doing something more fun. I’ve done enough traveling to recognize that my tendency to squeeze my belongings into one measly backpack means that there are a few things I should not – cannot – go without. Luckily, these tech essentials are small and don’t take up much room in your travel kit, yet they make a world of difference.

Here are my top 3 travel tech essentials for the minimalist gal on-the-go!

Top 3 Travel Tech Essentials

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1. Protective phone case

I take my phone wherever I go. Because in reality, it’s not just a phone. It’s also my alarm clock, calculator (because I have to check if 2 + 2 really equals 4 sometimes), and most importantly, my camera. Taking travel photos to stunt on the ‘gram is no easy task, and everyone knows your beloved smartphone is susceptible to scratches, drops, and daily wear and tear.

Some bloggers will tell you that you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. But what about sacrificing style for the sake of decent tech protection? When it comes to phone cases, I do skimp out on the extra armour (sorry, Otterbox!) in exchange for sleeker, more stylish options.

I’m currently using this ocean marble print phone case from iDeal of Sweden. Marble print is a trend that’s sure to stay, so why not incorporate it into your daily look? After all, your smartphone is an accessory you’re always carrying around with you! I love this particular one because the hints of grey and blue remind me of the waves hitting the sides of the World Odyssey during my adventures with Semester at Sea. If you aren’t a fan of marble print, make sure to check out their other designs as well. I was definitely drawn to their floral print designs, too. 🌹

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2. Portable power bank

You know that mini heart attack you get when your phone is at 1 percent? Yeah, imagine that feeling, but in a foreign country. You’re gonna need your translator apps and Google maps to get around, and without a phone, you’re doomed. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Portable power banks are one of those tech gears you should splurge on. Make sure to grab one that holds several full charges, not just one or two. You never know when you’re going to see a familiar power outlet again!

Peyou Octopus Tripod + Bluetooth Remote Amazon Product Shop Lulu Meets World Travel Gear Accessories Electronic Essentials

3. Octopus tripod

Because you won’t always have someone to take your epic travel photos for you! Make sure to grab one that comes with a Bluetooth remote, because setting your camera on self-timer then running to the perfect spot in under 10 seconds to get a good photo is exhausting. Just thinking about all the running is making me tired! Octopus tripods are a godsend since they’re so portable, you can set them atop uneven surfaces, and they take 2 seconds to set up.

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