#KorsUniversity Michael Kors Chinook Mall Calgary
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Why I Stopped Blogging + #KorsUniversity at Michael Kors Chinook Centre

#KorsUniversity Michael Kors Chinook Mall Calgary

Hi guys! 

Hope you’re liking the new blog layout 🙂 

Anyways I just wanted to explain why I’ve been MIA for a bit. There are two main reasons I’ve stopped blogging for a few months and tbh I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share them (still working on this whole vulnerability thing) but in the spirit of transparency, here goes:

  1. Recently I’ve been thinking about the kind of content we consume on the Internet and what it does to our psychological health. I’ve been speaking to a few friends and they’ve informed me about how logging on to Instagram or YouTube or what have you makes them feel like absolute sh*t. They see everyone’s amazing vacations and bodies and outfits, and despite knowing it’s either staged or photoshopped, they still notice that it takes a toll on their self esteem. I’m no stranger to this social media fatigue and if I’m being completely honest the ways in which the influencer marketing operates sometimes has me wanting to quit blogging altogether (but that’s another post/video for another time). I’ve made a little bit of an effort to create content and safe spaces that us regular girls would find empowering (have you joined our secret Facebook group yet?) but I think I’d like to do more in this regard. 
  2.  This post-grad life has been chaotic. Some of my plans to move abroad have fallen through, which has been disheartening because it was crucial to my motivation to blog, tbh. I was doing really well when I moved abroad because I was attending tons of fashion events, and had blogger friends that I would create content with. In Calgary, I have nothing. But I’m starting to realize that I can be successful anywhere I am because guess what? This shit is all digital, lmao. So I’m making an effort to attend more blogger events in Calgary! I’m also starting to take Adobe classes this winter so I hope you guys notice the quality of my posts as I learn more about how to use the programs!
#KorsUniversity Michael Kors Chinook Mall Calgary
Cutest little cupcakes at the Kors event! 

Which brings me to …

#KorsUniversity at Chinook Mall

On Wednesday, Gloria and I attended the Michael Kors event where we were able to browse through their latest inventory, pick up some goodies (I snagged the cutest phone case!), and eat some yummy snacks. In addition to creating travel vlogs, I’d really like to start covering more events in Calgary so stay tuned for that x 

#KorsUniversity Michael Kors Chinook Mall Calgary
This is my little sister and +1 to many events & I love her very much 🙂 

If you’re looking to read about more fashion events in Calgary, I wrote about the Hudson’s Bay FW18 show last week! 

Love always,

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