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Work-Life Balance?

I love my job. I really do. I began my position as MissMalini’s social media manager last week and I’m already so deeply engulfed in my work. There’s no such thing as a training period. You’re thrown in the water and you either sink or you swim. Sometimes – if you’re talented or lucky enough – you fly!

Every day is a new day. Some days we’re in the office. Others, we’re on the field shooting for brands. And on Fridays, we’re at Facebook headquarters brainstorming ways to improve our presence on various platforms. (*Karen from Mean Girls voice* On Wednesdays, we wear pink!) You’ve gotta be connected to the online world, no matter where you are.

Due to the nature of my work (and the way the world is moving), I’m always on. All the time. I find my severely myopic eyes glued to a screen more often than not. Working from home in the evenings and weekends is nothing new to me. But being on call 24/7 is. Although there are formal office hours, you can’t just leave your work at the office.

Work-Life Balance? In this economy?

There are a billion articles on the importance of work-life balance. And there are even more articles on how annoyed Baby Boomers are that millennials demand it so much – ugh. (Seriously, can’t they start writing about something else?) When you work in fashion media, is there really such thing as work-life balance? I’ll be the first to tell you that it’s probably too much to ask for. After all, your publication is obsolete if you’re not the first to cover an event. But if you truly love what you do, is it even really considered work? Should you strive for work-life balance if you’re happiest when “working”?

I’ll leave you with the following question to ponder upon:

When work becomes play, how much is too much?

Happy Monday! x

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Love always,

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